Companion App 101:

HOLOFIT Companion App lets you track your workouts, follow your progress, keep yourself accountable with streaks, meet new friends, and see how you rank on our global leader board, country-specific leader board, and sport-specific leader board.  

It’s the perfect motivational tool for those who like statistics and for those who like some friendly competition.

  1. Find the HOLOFIT companion app on Google Play or the App Store and download it.
  2. Log in with your existing HOLOFIT account.


When you first register or download the app, you’ll be greeted with our onboarding process that should help set you up for success in minutes:

        1. Streak goal

How many times per week do you plan to work out? Set your streak goal and make sure you stick to your fitness routine!

        2. Apple Health/Google Fit and Strava

Allow connection to Apple Health, Google Fit and/or Strava and share your HOLOFIT workouts!

Note: We’re waiting for final approval from Google for Google Fit sharing, so this connection may not work as intended. 

        3. Make new friends

Why not befriend other HOLOFITTERS? Follow them, stay in the loop with their workout results and achievements, and support each other with your goals by liking and commenting on each other’s workouts. 

        4. Set up your profile

Set up your basic profile info, upload your avatar, choose between the metric and imperial measuring systems. 

        5. Create your HOLOFIT avatar

This is how others will see you in HOLOFIT!


The App consists of 5 different tabs: Feed, Ranking, Profile, Challenges, Settings


Keep up with your friends and their workouts! Follow other HOLOFITTERS, like and comment on their workouts.


All time and monthly rankings, world leaderboard and country leaderboard divided by sports – work your way to the top!

The monthly leaderboard resets each month. And if you get the #1 spot at the end of a month, you will end up in the HOLOFIT Hall of Fame.


Your profile will show you a more in-depth overview of your activity in HOLOFIT: current rank, overall workouts stats, streaks and completed workouts.

  • Ranks

Each workout in HOLOFIT brings you points that help you climb up the ranks. By accumulating enough points you move up the ranks from a Beginner to the top 3 Superhuman ranks: Iron, Super and Hyper!

  • Overall workout stats

These points consist of your trophy score, burnt calories, distance and time spent in HOLOFIT. Together, they make up your global score that affects your rank directly. 

  • Streaks

Want to set up a workout schedule and stick to it? Set up your streaks goal and sync your phone Calendar with the Companion app. Never miss a workout!

  • Activity

Scroll down to browse through your HOLOFIT workouts.


  • Daily & Monthly Challenges 

Manage your challenges in the app, scroll through the ones you’ve completed, and check out all the points you’ve received. When you finish a challenge, download your certificate straight from the app and share it with your friends. 

It also helps us promote HOLOFIT if you share the certificate on various Oculus related Facebook groups!

  • Trophies

All the trophies you`ve collected in the Journey mode, as well as Achievement trophies collected throughout HOLOFIT, are stored in the trophies collection. 

You can browse through trophies from each HOLOworld. By clicking on the collected trophy, you`ll see the trophy description. Fun, right?

Uncollected trophies are grayed out, waiting for you to find them.


  • Compete

Looking for a more challenging workout? Ready to test your competitive side against other HOLOFITTERS? The Compete tab is still a work in progress, but keep a close eye on this tab!


  • Edit your profile info
  • Change the measuring system from metric to imperial Settings>Profile>Measures
  • Change your VR avatar
  • Reset your password
  • Connect Strava and Health Kit apps

If you are ready to reach your fitness goals, try HOLOFIT 7-days for free!