The new update is live and we need your help – 

The fate of NYC hangs in the balance, and we need YOUR heroic spirit to save the day…

New York City Invasion

Get ready to step into the shoes of superheroes and embark on a heroic journey to save the iconic New York City from the clutches of the evil wizard donkey set on donkifying the entire metropolis. 

Filled with gameplay you haven’t seen before, Journey is the right mode to spend your first ride through the Big Apple. 

Join the epic battle to protect our beloved city — every hero is needed!

Will you rise to the occasion and do your part?

Pro tip: If you don’t need subtitles, you can always switch them off in the General Settings. 

P.S. Enjoy the first issue of the NYC Invasion mini-comic book!


Bug fixes 

As usual, we have addressed numerous bugs in this version, many of which you have reported. Thank you for helping make HOLOFIT great! 

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