By now, you’re probably aware that there are a couple of VR fitness options out there. But, how should you decide which one to get? 

Well, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to. 

First and foremost, check your fitness goals and then check whether a VR fitness app can get you there.

Keep in mind that most VR fitness platforms out there are games first, and fitness was just an afterthought. That’s not the case with HOLOFIT.

HOLOFIT was developed with fitness in mind to enable our users to reach their goals in a fun, and easy way. Let us take you through it.  

Immersive content that distracts

Talking about the benefits VR Fitness provides, minimizing pain during physical exercise is a major one. 

University of Kent study proved that exercising in VR lessens the perceived pain intensity by an incredible 10%. Moreover, University of Georgia researchers have found that high-intensity cycling is 12 – 13%  less painful when combined with virtual reality. 

Why? Because you’re completely immersed in VR instead of counting the reps you have left. 

Our extensive portfolio of immersive content is something we’re especially proud of. It’s all original and we’re constantly working on developing and releasing new HOLOWorlds. 

Currently, there are more than 100 workout tracks in 17 HOLOworlds.

You can work out anywhere from icy Antarctica to ancient Babylon or the mysterious Troglodyte, and completely transform your workout experience.  

These 100+ workout tracks adapt to any of the 4 sports – rowing, cycling, or running, so no matter the machine you have, you’ll be able to work out in these environments. 

Don`t have a fitness machine? No problem, you can still use HOLOFIT in Freestyle mode with only your controllers, to row, cycle, run or ski!


Workout modes that motivate

To take maximum advantage of the competitive human nature, we’ve developed 6 different workout modes to stimulate and motivate users to always come back and go further. 

You can choose from Journey, Zen Mode, CardioGoals, Performance, Race Mode, and Online Multiplayer.

  • In Journey mode, you get to experience the environments while trying to collect all the trophies. You can later check what you’ve collected in the HOLOFIT Companion app on your phone. 
  • Zen mode is our endless workout mode, intended for complete immersion.
  • Cardio Goals are a guided type of training, including Cardio, Interval, Fat Burn, and HIIT – all customizable to an appropriate level of difficulty. 
  • In Performance mode, you get to beat your or others’ distance passed over a certain time after the initial session has been recorded.
  • Race mode lets you improve your performance by racing AI competitors designed to challenge you just enough.
  • Multiplayer allows small-group training and competitions in real-time.

Additionally, HOLOFIT comes with your own AI personal coach. They’ll greet you at the beginning of your HOLOFIT session, where you can decide whether you want their guidance or not. 

Combine the 6 workout modes with the amazing HOLOworlds and you get enough options to always keep your workouts fresh and fun!


A Companion App to track your performance improvement

HOLOFIT Companion App is free for download on both the Play and Apple Store. 

All you need to do to become a part of the HOLOFIT Community is sign up.

Log into your account any time you want to use HOLOFIT and the app saves all your workout data, offers a worldwide ranking leaderboard, the chance to compare your results to your friends, and tracks your performance improvement as you progress through different levels. 

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