You wouldn’t believe how many different people use HOLOFIT.

When companies start off, usually the first step is figuring out who will actually need the product.

We knew that VR Fitness was going to be huge, but even we were surprised to see how so many different people with different lifestyles and backgrounds equally enjoy HOLOFIT… 

And even more importantly, how much they benefit from it.

Our initial user interest group expanded quickly, and we can proudly say that now it is one of the most diverse communities out there.

We’ve got people who:

Now, this time, we want to focus on the last category. 

A lot of us have been there… 

You, too, want to lose weight.

On the other hand… You don’t want to lose all the fun in your life.

And we’re with you on this – it should never be like that.

Where Does HOLOFIT, or VR Fitness in General, Fit in Here?

The thing is… Virtual reality fitness games provide a workout that does not feel like a standard workout.

You ARE working out, sweating and raising your heart rate, just as you would with any traditional workout, but you’re doing all of it while playing a game, beating opponents, setting new high scores and collecting rewards.

Or, as Coleen McClure and Damian Schofield of the Department of Computer Science, State University of New York concluded in their recent study :

The data collected led to the conclusion that working out while wearing a virtual reality headset will lead to a higher heart rate, and in turn lead to burning more calories during a workout.


The study also found participants who wore the virtual reality headset were able to remove themselves from their bodily sensations allowing them to workout longer.”

That gives us two strong points for VR Fitness in terms of weight loss.

One, working out in VR leads to increased effort and a higher heart rate. You burn more calories than working out in other conditions.

Second, it allows you to work out longer. You feel less pain, you don’t get bored easily – you feel way more motivated overall.

And, when you try HOLOFIT for the first time, you REALLY FEEL that!

You can, without any exaggeration, immediately run, cycle and row farther and longer then you would have ever in normal circumstances.

Now, let us not forget the diet.

If you want real, lasting results, you cannot only rely on exercising. 

It is definitely a lot easier to stay motivated by exercising in VR, and, as studies above confirm, way more productive.

However, any kind of exercise, on its own, won’t lead to weight loss you want.


Make sure your exercise is complemented by a proper diet. And remember: just because you burn more through exercises doesn’t mean you should eat more! 🙂 


If you’re wondering how HOLOFIT makes your workouts fun, head here!