We hope you’re ready for the new HOLOFIT update! Here’s what’s new: 

The HUD Is Now Sleek 

Hearing about the  issues you had with the placement of music and exit buttons, we decided to re-work our HUD (heads-up display). 

We’ve made it more compact in every HOLOFIT sport and workout mode so that it takes up less space, does not interfere with the environment, and minimizes the exit button accidents mid-workout. 

Additionally, you’ll notice some changes to end-screens in Cardiogoals and Race. The “continue” button is now clearer, the race results screen has an improved design, and the race radar will disappear after reaching the finish line, if you decide to continue to cool down.

New HIIT Training Options 

In addition to the 15-min HIIT workout, HOLOFIT now features 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-min HIIT workouts. 

In case you haven’t tried it yet – 

Located within the Train > Cardiogoals menu, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is one of the most effective training programs for calorie-burn and weight loss. 

It works by alternating shorter periods of high intensity with periods of recovery, the combination of which allows your body to burn extra calories after you finish your workout. Think smart, not hard: but don’t be fooled, it’s in no way an easy workout! 

It may take a workout or two to identify the right length and difficulty level that’s right for you, but once you do, stick with it, keep increasing the intensity as you progress, and the results will come! 

AI Races Difficulty Levels

AI races will now have difficulty levels ensuring that your racing workouts have just the right amount of challenge. How quickly can you progress through the different levels?

Bugs & Fixes

As usual, this update contains a number of bug fixes and minor improvements, most of which have been reported by you and the rest of the community. And we thank you for that! 

What’s Coming Next?  

Brace yourselves – next HOLOFIT updates will knock your socks off. Among other improvements, they will contain: 

– An amazing remaster of the fan favorite Tropical environment 

– New Freestyle Combo Movements for no-equipment workouts: throwing, slicing, and a rework of the boxing exercise 

– Enabling a second BT device: heart-rate monitors 

Here`s a little sneak peek of the remastered Tropical HOLOworld:

HOLOFIT_Tropical_HOLOworld HOLOFIT_Tropical_HOLOworld

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We hope the new HUD makes your HOLOFIT workouts even better, new HIIT programs more challenging, and we can’t wait to share the coming updates with you.