MyHOLOFIT Story: How HOLOFIT Helps Me Keep My Health Under Control

Najee has been using HOLOFIT VR Rowing for a couple of months now, and he is already seeing significant improvement to his health issues, they are all now under control and he is off a number of medications he previously had to take. Here is his story. 

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Hi, my name is Najee Williams and I’m a very happy user of the Concept 2 rowing machine, the Oculus Quest, and HOLOFIT. All three have actually changed my life, but it was until I put all three of them together that I was able to actually achieve this change.

Let me tell you about my story.

I bought my Concept 2 Model D rowing machine seven and a half years ago. After I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes the doctor said I needed to exercise and that would help me. But just like with an elliptical machine or a treadmill, which I also have, I would get bored from using the rowing machine five minutes in.  I’m just bored, I get tired of doing it by the time I get tired from doing it.

Just about three and a half months ago I found out about HOLOFIT which is this virtual reality application that resides in the Oculus Quest, the VR headset I am using.

In HOLOFIT, you’re able to no longer just be going back and forth, seeing the wall come to you and go, but now you’re in a different environment,  in ancient Babylon or a tropical rain forest or snowy mountainsYou’re totally immersed, 360 degrees, and surround sound, and now you’re motivated, now I can actually row.

Granted, when I started three and a half months ago, I was woefully out of shape. I could only do five minutes before I was completely winded, but I knew that I wanted to do at least 30 minutes a day. What I did was five minutes six times throughout the day – so five minutes here, an hour later do another five minutes, 20 minutes later do another five minutes, until I did six a day.

After four days I was able to do four five-minutes and a ten-minute workout. Oh boy, was I excited!

And then within a couple more days, I was doing two ten-minute workouts, two five-minute, and then three ten-minutes. I did thirty minutes a day for the entire month of June. In July I did 45 minutes a day, and today is August 21st, and I’ve been doing an hour a day every day for the month. The longest single session is now one hour. I’ve done one-hour several times.

It didn’t take long to get back in shape, but I could not have done it without the motivation so I am very, very grateful to Concept2 for making such a great rowing machine because rowing is so much fun and it works the entire body. The Oculus Quest gave the “vision” to see, and  HOLOFIT is indeed a game-changer. It keeps you engaged, keeps you motivated, it has performance meters that push you to where you should be right, in your zone. I cannot say enough about it. 

Exercise is medicine. I am a type 2 diabetic,  and within three weeks I was off of three of my five type-2 diabetes medications.  Now I’m only using two because exercise has brought my numbers to where they should be, whereas the entire five medications I was taking before my numbers were still out of control.

So, get in shape. HOLOFIT makes it very, very easy and very, very fun. It works with elliptical machines, it works with spin bikes and it works with rowing machines, and they also have the new HOLOFIT Freestyle so you don’t even need any equipment whatsoever. All you need is a VR headset.

Good luck to you, and come on, getting healthy can be fun!

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