What you think you become.

Although you can fully agree with this statement, don’t let it fool you. You can’t become fit and healthy through your thoughts alone. Trust us, it’s not like we haven’t tried 🙂

Your mindset is what will determine whether you will win or fail, and whether you will pick yourself up when you fail or not. And mindset is something you can change, adjust, improve.

How do you know that you have the right mindset or the right mental attitude? 

Well, it is not an easy thing to determine. Being self-reflective, analytical, and able to evaluate yourself takes a lot of work, and is a never-ending learning process.

In principle, we all belong to one of the two general mindset types.

Fixed mindset, characterized by the belief that all of your abilities are innate and you are born with the abilities you will need in life. Those with a fixed mindset often feel like failures happen because something is lacking within themselves.

People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, feel that they can learn anything or acquire any ability if they put in enough effort. These people don’t let setbacks stop them.

The right mindset means choosing growth over negativity.

Instead of agreeing that you aren’t good enough, you choose to push back. And if you do not have that ability right now, you can learn how to change it.

Keep telling yourself you can until those thoughts become a habit. And eventually, you’ll see those fixed mindset statements melt away.

How can this be applied to your body transformation?

In several ways:

First, you need to believe in succeeding. No matter how hard it is, how long it takes, and how many times you want to give back and go back to your old self, you must push forward and trust that all your good effort will pay off.

You want to lose weight, and three weeks into your serious workout regime you don’t see any significant change? Just stick to it, reflect on what you might be doing wrong, correct it, and push forward. Check out some strategies to make your weight loss journey more sustainable here. 

Second, you can’t let anything slow you down. You want to get a fitter body, but you don’t have any fitness equipment to work out on? Yes, ordering a new rowing machine or an elliptical is a great decision, but while you wait for it to arrive, start doing exercises that are already available to you.

Check out the new HOLOFIT Freestyle as a great tool to roll into your cardio workouts, without a cardio fitness machine.

And third: be open-minded. Learn new things about yourself, your body, its power and ability. Include fitness challenges you never thought you would want or even those you never knew existed. Did you know that you can achieve amazing results by working out in Virtual Reality?

Check out this article on the Advantages of VR fitness to learn more.

Finally, be good to yourself. It is ok to feel down, it is ok to fail, but it is also ok to forgive and love yourself. Choose growth over negativity. When you look in the mirror pay attention to all the great (small or big) achievements you have made, congratulate yourself, and push yourself to your next fitness level.

And remember to share your success with others: see how some of the other HOLOFIT community members have transformed their lives through the right mindset, HOLOFIT workouts, and our support. Join the community today!

Lots of love, stay HOLOFIT!