Let me ask you this – 

Why aren’t you using your elliptical as often as you’d like?

If you know the answer to this, congratulations! You’ve identified the problem which means you’re that much closer to actually solving it. 

Plain and simple, ellipticals are boring. You exercise while staring at the wall, and you work out alone or watch something on your table without engaging with it whatsoever. 

Boredom is precisely the problem that we focused on solving when designing HOLOFIT. 

We wanted to build an engaging, motivating and social fitness platform that you could use to completely transform your elliptical workouts at home. 

Right now, members from around the world are relying on HOLOFIT for their daily workouts, be it for the immersive environments, the opportunity to “travel” from their home, the supportive community or the online multiplayer. More importantly, they keep exercising regularly, pulled in to explore more, score higher or win more races. 


HOLOFIT increases the interactivity of their elliptical machine, helps with motivation and makes workouts fun and social. Let’s quickly outline how it all works. 

Gamifying your VR workouts to make them motivating

Have you ever played Candy Crush? Or any other game for that matter?

I know I’ve gone back to Candy Crush many, many times to try and beat one and the same level that was giving me issues. Knowing the effects that games can have on people, we thought that it would be great if we could make fitness “addictive” in the same manner.

HOLOFIT  immerses you in a whole other reality where you can go anywhere – even the past, to ancient Babylon or a bit futuristically, head to the Saturn space station. You engage and interact with your environment while trying to get the best score possible, progress through level and rank higher on the leaderboard. 

Follow your progress in the Companion app

HOLOFIT members have access to five different gaming or workout modes. You are then free to choose whichever ones you find work best for you. 

In Explore, you are free to set your own pace and do just that, explore our amazing worlds while trying to collect as many of our hidden trophies as possible. 

Check out what a running session in Paris looks like! We tried not to collect all the hidden trophies in this run so as not to spoil anything.


In Time Attack, you set your own record and then subsequently try to beat the “ghost” of your past performances while in Race Mode, you will race other AI competitors designed to match your level, yet offer just that little bit of challenge to help you actually make progress. 

Cardio Goals offer guided cardio training for fat burn, interval or HIIT training where you try to best match the effort curve to collect as many points, and Online Multiplayer offers you the chance to train with or compete with other members in the HOLOFIT community.

Keeping your VR workout fun with fresh content

On top of the workout modes, we keep your workout fun with fresh content. 

There are 11 VR environments on HOLOFIT currently available including Antarctica, Snowy Mountains, Babylon, Tropical, Canyon, San Francisco, Aiguebelette lake, Paris, Saturn, Underwater, and Cambridge.

We constantly work on updating HOLOFIT with new environments, workout modes and features to make sure it keeps your workouts fresh and keeps you motivated. 

Since the beginning of the year, we have released 4 new environments, remastered 2 of the old ones, 2 new workout modes, various features and HOLOFIT Freestyle which lets you use HOLOFIT even off your elliptical for arm, back, shoulder and back exercises. More is yet to come!

If you’d like to become a part of our story, don’t forget that we offer a 7-day free trial of HOLOFIT. Claim yours today!